Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was pleasantly surprised at how at ease I felt with my first ever visit to a chiropractor.  Dr. Hartlett was not only knowledgeable, but professional and approachable.  All my questions were answered and my treatment has been life-changing.  I am finally able to move again without pain. The billing and scheduling was hassle free. I am so happy I reached out to Integral Medical-  I have told all my friends and family about Dr. Hartlett and IMR!"

- Prescott S.    

"I came to see Dr. Hartlett due to shoulder pain and horrible headaches along with periodic back pain.  I was dealing with the pain for over a year, but it was about a month or two in after the pain becoming progressively worse that I came into see Dr. Hartlett.  I tried a heating pad and massage recommended by my primary, but this was not a long term fix.  I have been seeing Dr. Hartlett for about a year now.  In the beginning it was some trial and error to get the exact cause of the pain.  Dr. Hartlett order x-rays and an MRI to find the root cause.  It did not take long to find the right therapies to help reduce my pain.  I started out 3 days a week and am not down to 1 time every two weeks.  It really does show that therapy does work.

I feel that my life has changed tremendously.  I started from the mentality that pain was just something you had to learn to deal with, but after coming here, I realized why would I want to deal with the pain when there are practices such as Integral Medial and Rehabilitation that helps me feel better.  Dr. Hartlett has also provided tricks and tips to help manage my occasional flare ups.  Coming here has helped with my physical and mental health.  Also, Dr. Hartlett and Jen are some of the kindest people you will ever meet and I am happy to have them in my life!"

- Jacqueline J.

"I came to Dr. Hartlett for rehab after my back surgery with Dr. Mohan.  He recommended Dr. Hartlett, after researching and the feeling I had from Dr. Mohan, I chose Integral Medical and Rehabilitation.  My first therapy prescription was for my legs which had gotten weak from muscle atrophy from the nerve damage I had from nerve stenosis.  From my initial consultation with Dr. Hartlett I knew I came to the right place.  Both he and his wife Jen made me feel right at home.  I felt they were genuinely concerned about me as a patient and not just a number.  His therapy complimented Dr. Mohan’s surgery perfectly.  Combined they ha me back to playing golf full time in five weeks post-surgery.  After six weeks of leg therapy my back issue was added.  It was a seamless transition combing back and leg strengthening.  I feel Dr. Hartlett’s program and patience with the therapy will provide me with the basis for long term success."

- Bill S.  

"I have experienced lower back pain with radiating pain running down my right leg. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis that left untreated could lead to more disabilities.

Suffering began in my lower back upon completion of a partial left and right knee replacement December 2010.  Treatment included first being diagnose that I had spinal stenosis upon x-rays and MRI results.  I have had many procedures from never blocks to trigger point injections.  Dr. Mike believes in a thorough exam, reviewing medical records and working closely with my pain doctor.  He reviews what the goal will be and why he is following the protocol that he established to provide the most pain relief.  I get relieve from his hand on treatments.  I receive immediate results from the use of the tens unit and exercises.  I find that I am able upon leaving his office to be able to continue with life activities.  Life without pain is a gift that he has provided with his care.  People experiencing the same health problems should review all medical avenues that are open to them.  I highly recommend Dr. Hartlett and his hand on treatment of relieving pain."

- Donna P.  

"Dr. Hartlett gets right to the heart of the issue and works side by side with my pain doctor to ensure my total care.  Since coming to Dr. Hartlett I can see and feel the improvement in my upper back and shoulder.  I am so glad I came to Integral Medical for my rehab.  If you are looking for quality care and a qualified Dr. -  Integral Medical is the right place."

- Pat O.


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